Everything you need to know before renting a led screen for an event

The rental of  LED screens for events and stages is a growing sector in the entertainment and live audiovisual production industries. Giant event screens are adaptable in both size and shape and can be installed quickly. In addition, LED stage screens will be seen by all attendees at events and concerts.


Set screen dimensions

To calculate the dimensions of the screen to be created for an event, several factors must be taken into account. One of the factors should be the measurement of the stage and the height at which you want to place the LED screen. The use that is going to be given to the screen is the most important factor, that is, think about the content that you want to show and the disposition of the elements to be displayed on the screen to define the measures of it.


The distance from where the screen will be displayed is one of the things that we must also take into account. For that we will talk about the screens with different resolution and the pitch.


The resolution of an LED screen depends on the pitch

The English words pixel, pitch or dot pitch, define the distance measured in millimeters between the centers of the pixels of a screen. The larger the pixel pitch, the greater the pixel separation. Therefore, the lower the pitch there will be an improvement in the definition and resolution of the image for closer distances and for pitch pixels with more separation, we will have lower resolutions and we will have to visualize them more distantly.

Based on the above, it is very common to select Giant LED displays systems for Indoor applications with a low PIXEL PITCH and thus obtain a high Resolution, for example: Pixel Pitch type P1.5 mm, P2.5 mm and up to 3.91 mm (very popular). Otherwise, we can see it in giant LED display systems for Outdoor applications, where we will find a larger pixel pitch to obtain a HIGH LUMINOSITY (P6.6, P10, P16)


Hung led screen, flown led screens, suspended led screens, are the different names they receive

LED screens if they exceed a vertical amount of LED modules must be suspended in the air to ensure the same screen. In this way the weight between modules is distributed and not all the force is deposited on the module of the last row.

The number of modules to overcome to make a hanging LED screen depends on each manufacturer. If the LED screen has to be hung, it must have special supports on top of the modules that hold the rest of the screen


Event Location

LED screens consume energy and for this a special power outlet is necessary. Depending on the size of it, it will be useful to have a three-phase outlet with a connection.

Indoor advertising LED display

Curved led display or straight led display

The format of the screen can be as designed, There are two types, it depends on the pieces that join the modules. They can be curved. Or they can be straight. If they are curved, at an angle between modules it can be up to 15º of convergence (it does not matter if it is concave or convex.)

As a fact it should be added that curved LED screens can also be created suspended. In fact, many of the cylindrical screens seen at fairs are made like this.

o make cubes there are 2 ways. The easy way and that of excellence. To make a cube following the first path we only have to make two LED screens connected to each other and put them at a 90º angle. The screens must be connected to each other so that they have continuity in the contents that are displayed on the screen.

To make a perfect cube we must do the same as in the previous process, but we will have to finish the corners by adding special modules so that the separation between screens is not seen and thus have a perfect cube.


Examples of events with screens

  • Seminars
  • Round tables
  • Team building activities
  • Talks
  • Solidarity events
  • Networking events
  • Workshops
  • Product Launche
  • Congress and conventions
  • Conferences
  • Corporate conferences
  • Workshop event
  • Training courses
  • Discussion forums


Post time: Mar-28-2023