Top 10 LED Display Companies in Colombia

Colombia is a diverse country in South America. It not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has a vibrant business atmosphere. In this multicultural country, technology and innovation have always been one of the key factors driving economic growth. With the advent of the digital age, LED display technology has emerged in Colombia, bringing new opportunities and challenges to various industries.


The following is the corporate brand information of the 10 best LED display companies in Colombia for reference:

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1. VCR Ltda
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2. Tekus SAS
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3. Kender SAS
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5-1, ExpoRed corporate information
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6. Marketmedios
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7. OOH Redes Digitales
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8-1, Audioluces corporate information
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9. Grace Outdoor Advertising
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10. Fliphound

VCR Ltda

1. VCR Ltda

Company Information: VCR Ltda is the exclusive distributor of renowned brands in professional audio and video. Designed to meet the needs for the selection, purchase, operation and maintenance of production and post-production equipment. VCR Ltda provides the latest technology, technical support and advice for the procurement of communications equipment for the education, business and professional sectors.
Product type: indoor and outdoor LED display, LED video wall
Product advantages: high quality, excellent visual effects, versatility

Tekus SAS

2. Tekus SAS

Enterprise information: Tekus SAS integrates new technologies to remotely distribute digital content through interactive screens, improving the customer experience at the service or point of sale. Improve the customer experience at service and point of sale with our digital signage and automated communications solutions.
Product type: indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED signs
Product advantages: high quality, long life, professional support

Kender SAS

3. Kender SAS

Corporate Information: The main objective of Kender SAS is to provide you with the professional services of professionals 4 in the business and technical fields who will provide you with solutions that meet your customer needs. Additionally, we have the support of LG and Samsung who guarantee our commitment to providing our customers with a valid processing guarantee and complete transparency regarding the legality of the devices we sell.
Product type: indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED display modules
Product advantages: high brightness, high resolution, reliability



Company Information: Machinetronics is a private organization dedicated to the research of emerging technologies, providing equipment and technology solutions for the domestic and international markets in the areas of interactive systems, radio frequency systems (RFID), biometric systems and multimedia content.
Direct manufacturer and assembler of LED screens, direct distributor of the best brands of LG and Samsung displays and direct importer of interactive systems and control rooms.
Product type: indoor LED display, LED display module
Product advantages: superb image quality, easy maintenance, reliability



Corporate information: ExpoRed explores the best solutions for educational and administrative environments! Improve the quality of your presentations and capture everyone’s attention with an interactive whiteboard. Turn your best ideas into reality! Find out what ExpoRec’s LED screens bring to you, we at ExpoRec offer you the best quality
Product type: outdoor LED display
Product advantages: high resolution, excellent image quality, easy to install


6. Marketmedios

Corporate messaging: advertising and brand positioning will come to life. Marketmedios is a media marketer with extensive national reach, we have innovative and creative solutions developed using the latest technology. With more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing and awards such as FIP, our professional team ensures that brands gain greater exposure in media, from the most well-known and practical to the most innovative and differentiated, as well as our Strategy.
Product Type: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED video walls
Product advantages: high resolution, clear images, suitable for advertising and entertainment

OOH Redes Digitales

7. OOH Redes Digitales

Corporate Information: OOH is customer-focused and serves its customers with enthusiasm, innovation and professionalism. Its products and services are derived from its effective experience in managing and implementing projects.
Product Type: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED billboard
Product advantages: Durability, high brightness, versatility



Company Information: Audioluces is a leading Colombian company importing and marketing professional audio and lighting; from globally renowned brands characterized by quality and technology. With 20 years of experience we have become the ideal supplier for those who want to provide an environment with a unique visual and auditory experience
Product type: indoor and outdoor LED screens, LED billboards
Product Benefits: High Quality, Versatility, Excellent Customer Support

Grace Outdoor Advertising

9. Grace Outdoor Advertising

Business Information: Grace Outdoor Advertising is a Colombian family-owned business that has been operating in the Columbia area for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on quality service, personalized attention, and flexible terms. Our offices are located in historic Congaree Vista, where we have been for 20 years. Grace Outdoor operates standard notice boards, digital notice boards and a number of smaller static and digital signs.
Product Type: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED signs
Product advantages: widely applicable, high brightness, highly customizable


10. Fliphound

Business Information: manages the largest independent digital billboard network online and is the trusted online marketplace for digital billboard advertising. Fliphound allows advertising, marketing and social media professionals to advertise, manage, capture creative, create and publish digital content on digital billboards.
Product Type: Indoor and Outdoor LED Display
Product Benefits: High brightness, high resolution, custom sizes and designs

Columbia LED Display Company

Colombian LED display companies have emerged in the international market with their high-quality products, innovative technology and professional services. As the digital media and advertising industries continue to develop, the application of LED displays in commercial and cultural fields will continue to expand. Colombia’s LED display companies will continue to play a key role in providing customers with high-quality solutions and demonstrating their strength on the global stage. Whether at sporting events, concerts, billboards or trade shows, Columbia’s LED display companies are changing our world, bringing audiences more vivid and engaging visual experiences.


Post time: Nov-29-2023