Are you confused about choosing the best-LED screen Jakarta supplier for your business? Well, the wide range of supplier companies in Indonesia can surely make anyone thinking of who’s the best option. But how do you make the right decisions when you don’t’ know which LED screen Indonesia company you can choose? Do you have any ideas?

If not, then it’s still nothing to worry about, as we’re here to assist you in this struggle. While choosing the right LED screen Indonesia supplier can be tough, it is still crucial to make the right decision. Choosing the wrong LED supplier can offer you the wrong LED solutions – making it affect your business or personal space negatively.

Now, who would want that? Hence, we’re here to help you make the right decision in the very beginning, with our list of top ten LED screen Jakarta suppliers for you. So go ahead, explore all the best-LED suppliers in Indonesia, and make the best decision for your business.

Top LED Suppliers in Indonesia:

1. LEDPro:

One of the most reliable LED screen Indonesia companies for LED lighting is the LEDPro company. Mainly, the LEDPro offers its customers reimagined commercial lighting that adds more quality to your personal and commercial space. Now the good thing about the LEDPro is that they not only focus on adding innovative lighting additions to their store, but they also add hand-picked lighting upgrades from around 450 other manufacturers.

Hence, it can be easier for you to add upgraded lighting to your space with LEDPro. Additionally, LEDPro also offers lighting solutions that are innovative and cost-effective, and quick/easy to install and use. Hence, you can consider this company to be the perfect option for your advanced lighting needs.


What makes an LED screen Indonesia Company reliable is its professional LED solutions. However, if you need more to ensure whether a company is trustworthy or not, then the years of service can also add to its efficiency and professionalism. Considering this, we must add an LED screen Indonesia Company serving its clients for plenty of years.

Following that requirement, the PT LINTAS MEDIATAMA is a highly reliable LED supplier serving in this industry for over ten years. Apart from that, the PT LINTAS MEDIATAMA deals with advertising LED Videotron billboard activation solutions. Hence, if you’re looking for a next-level advertising LED solution for your business, the PT LINTAS MEDIATAMA can offer you some of the best billboard solutions.

3. VisualPro:

Another highly reliable and professional LED supplier company that you can consider in this list of LED screen Jakarta companies is VisualPro. When it comes to LED solutions variety, VisualPro offers its clients a wide range of innovative LED solutions. From the transparent LED displays, passenger information LED displays; creative LED displays, flexible LED displays, and much more – you can find everything at VisualPro.

But wait! That’s certainly not what makes the VisualPro a highly professional LED supplier option in Indonesia. Instead, the service of carrying integrated solutions along with professional consultation before every purchase is why you can count on the VisualPro Company for all your LED display solution demands.


The is one of the most reliable and professional LED screen Indonesia companies that aren’t a part of the basic LED solutions provider. Instead, is a very professional go-to LED service provider that deals with some of the best event LED screens. Mainly, the offers its customers the most professional and innovative LED event screens.

Their wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED screens are professionally focused on enhancing the quality of all kinds of events. So whether you have a corporate event coming up or you’re planning a personal event, can be the perfect supplier company to get highly professional and reliable LED displays and related services.

5. PT. Caiyida Technology Indonesia:

The PT. Caiyida Technology Indonesia serves as an LED Videotron joint venture company linked with Beijing Caiyida Technology Development Co, Ltd and “Guo Ji Ri Bao”. This LED screen Jakarta company’s major aim is to advance the Videotron LED and green LED industry in Indonesia. With this idea, PT. Caiyida Technology Indonesia offers innovative and highly professional LED solutions to the customers to advance the overall LED display usage mindset and performance for businesses and individuals.

These LED solutions are offered by PT. Caiyida Technology Indonesia includes; LED display, LED rental, and LED lighting. Apart from this, you can get a wide range of LED solutions for various user needs like trademark publications, advertising media, transportation, government programs publication, etc. PT. Caiyida Technology Indonesia is also keen to offer the best customer service to its customers in Indonesia. Hence, the best of all when you rely on PT. Caiyida Technology Indonesia is their assembly, installation, screen rental, and after-sales integrated service.

6.Marvel Visual Jakarta

Another well-known and familiar name in the top professional LED screen Jakarta suppliers is the Marvel Visual Jakarta. Like some of the previous LED display supplier companies, Marvel Visual Jakarta also offers a wide range of innovative LED solutions. Mainly, they deal with professional LED screen Videotron and rental Videotron services for all the business-relate and other events.

However, you can also rely on Marvel Visual Jakarta for all the advanced and innovative multimedia rental and event equipment’s in Indonesia. Moreover, suppose you’re new at this or need to make the best audiovisual equipment decision for your business events. In that case, Marvel Visual Jakarta also offers its clients, professional audiovisual consultants.

7.Sewa LED Screen

Sewa LED screen is another familiar name in the top LED screen and event Videotron suppliers. What makes this LED screen Indonesia Supplier Company a reliable option is their expert staff offering the most reliable and innovative LED screen solutions for years. Apart from that, the innovative LED technology offered by the Sewa LED screen ensures that you can introduce your creative ideas with their LD display screens.

Hence, when it comes to using the Sewa LED screen solutions for your business or event needs, you can introduce your innovative ideas without limitations. Additionally, the Sewa LED screen company also offers professional media consultant services to ensure that you can make the best decision in every possible way.

8.Sewa Videotron

If you are looking for success in offering highly productive LED display screens for events and business meetings/conferences, Sewa Videotron is your go-to supplier in Indonesia. This LED screen Jakarta Supplier Company offers a wide range of event LED screens and highly professional solutions. Not just that, but Sewa Videotron ensure that their LED event display screens introduce reliable display quality and innovative technology to all kinds of business events.

Hence, you can easily make your business events more memorable and professional with this audiovisual equipment rental service provider company. On top of all this, you can also count on this company for its 24 hours professional service. Hence, you can call out for help anytime you need it – when you have Sewa Videotron to serve you.

9.We Are Production

Next in our list of the top professional LED screen Indonesia company is the We Are Production. This company offers a wide range of innovative rental premium LED display solutions. These premium LED solutions as the best option for large-scale events that need to perform well. All in all, We Are Production can be your go-to for all the large business event setup and management.

But that’s not all that comes from the professional services of We Are Production. Instead, you can also count on this company for offering you the best and affordable price on all their premium products. Additionally, We Are Production is keen to offer highly professional and on-time services in every way. So there’s no way you will have to compromise with poor LED display quality or unreliable service when you’re counting on this equipment rental agency, i.e., We Are Production, for all your large-scale business events.

10.Rentalindo Visual Mandiri

Lastly, if you’re not just looking for a reliable LED screen Jakarta supplier company that offers a wide variety of LED rental screens but also one that has served numerous clients. In that case, Rentalindo Visual Mandiri is the perfect option for you. You can count on this company for the most innovative LED products for indoor and outdoor setup demands and understanding and recommending various LED setup solutions.

With their wide range of events and business LED setup experience for various clients, Rentalindo Visual Mandiri has earned a solid place in the top suppliers that deliver professional audiovisual consultants that you can count on – for all kinds of LED displays needs. Isn’t that amazing? Go for it then!


So that’s all to our list of the best-LED screen Indonesia supplier companies! Now you can choose the most suitable supplier from the above list and ensure that all your business and personal LED needs are fulfilled – with the most innovative LED solutions.

Post time: Aug-17-2023