Passenger Information Gets Brighter for Victoria  Railway station with MY Display

To better share information with their passengers, Victoria Railway station partnered with MYLED to manufacture and install a new LED display at  Victoria rail this past December. This was another UK Rail station selected to install MYLED narrow pixel pitch technology. The new full-color display was mounted in the same location as the previous signage which was installed by MYLED more than 10 years ago.The digital full-matrix technology provides increased flexibility to share real-time passenger information in two languages. It also allows for the ability to highlight public messaging including everything from COVID-19 related information and safety messages to weather alerts and corporate branding.


“Adding this narrow pixel pitch, full-color technology will be a great enhancement and modernization of the passenger experience in Victoria Railway station,” said Des Malone, MYLED UK  manager. “We’re fortunate to continue our longstanding partnership with London Rail, one that dates back to the mid-2010s. The new display will open opportunities above and beyond those allowed by the previous monochrome signage and we’re looking forward to seeing it impact passengers for years to come.”

 The new display brings video-capable LED technology to Colbert Station. The display features narrow pixel pitch technology at 11.8-millimeter pixel spacing. It measures 2.5 meters high by 15.8 meters wide to bring high-resolution imagery and excellent contrast to all content shown. 


 MYLED provided engineering and installation support for the new signage which allowed for the display placement and overall project to be completed. 

Post time: Mar-28-2022