If like the idea of your surroundings improving your mood and health, then you might be interested in what bespoke LED displays for your interiors can do for you. Many of us don’t recognize, just how much lighting really does effect many aspects of our lives – waking you up in the mornings and preparing your body through the day until the evening getting you ready for bed. However, if it’s something you’re interested in, take a look at this information from Huffington post  on just how light affects your everyday life.


When using your mobile phone or sitting in front of your laptop or desktop screen unknowingly the built in blue LED lighting used to brighten the screen is actually improving your energy levels. Studies around the world have shown how short bursts of contact with this kind of florescent lighting will make your more alert and increase your productivity.

Although this is great news for those of you who might need that energizing pick-me-up come the afternoon, it’s not so great for people who have trouble getting to sleep in the evenings. We live in a world where everyone lives their lives online, and you can’t go long without checking your smartphone. A lot of people get into the habit of checking their devices before bed, which in turn can cause disrupted sleep and keep you awake. So if you want a restful night’s sleep then try to put down your phone an hour before bed and allow your body to naturally go into sleep mode, opt for a warm bath or a warm decaffeinated drink to wave you gently off to the land of nod.

Spending time in the outdoors and exposing yourself to natural light is great for your emotional happiness, and if you can’t get outside as often as you like just being near a window with lots of light can be beneficial. When you go away on holiday for a break, rest and relaxation you’ll notice how you come home feeling revived. It might not all be down to great food and drink, sand and seawater it’s likely your exposure to more natural light than you’re used to has had a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Not the best news for those of us who love going shopping, but those bright light in all of your favourite shops could be drawings you in and intensifying your senses making you more likely to make a purchase. You’ll notice these bright intense LEDs are more present in high end stores, and especially jewellers.

Lighting can also have an impact on your diet, as more relaxed warm diffused lighting in a comfortable setting can make you consume less as you eat slower and enjoy the moment of consuming your food without rushing. This is the opposite effect of many fast food chain restaurants, as you’ll notice there is harsher bright light. The psychology behind this is aiming to make you eat faster, ordering more food then or leaving sooner to make room for new customers.


By noticing the different ways lighting can affect your lives, you can really use this knowledge to your advantage and make lighting work for you.

Post time: Jan-20-2022